Ausstellungsbeteiligung: Freedom and Independence II, Ebensperger’s Off Space, Wien


Freedom and Independence II
From 27.08.2021
Opening: Thursday, 26 August, 6–9 pm

Ebensperger’s Off Space
Taubergasse 13/Mayssengasse, 1170 Wien

Open by appointment only

+49 30 46065821

Nigin Beck, John Bock, Julius Deutschbauer, Lea Draeger, Heiner Franzen, Paul Hance, Bertram Hasenauer, Benjamin Heisenberg, Sandro Kopp, Bjørn Melhus, Otto Muehl, Jens Pecho, Muntean/Rosenblum, Bruno Schleinstein, Christian Schwarzwald, Tallal Shammout, Wolfram

The exhibition “Freedom and Independence” borrows its name from Bjørn Melhus’ eponymous film Freedom & Independence from 2014. Continuing the Berlin version of the show, this edition will also feature different artists and works. It examines themes implied by the film and use its title as both, a motto and a theme, while understanding ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ as value and virtue.


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